Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Waning Style 1947

Wishing all the Waning family near and far the Happiest of Thanksgiving.
A bounty of food and blessings!
What a great holiday!

Barbara - 2nd Grade 1947

Barbara - 2nd Grade 1947

Waning - unknown artist - Sandie? - 1st grade effort?

Barbara - 2nd grade 1947

Beth - circa 1964

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oregon Football - Past and Present

Can any of you remember a time (in the not too distant past) when Oregon Football home games were not held at Autzen Stadium?  Do any of you know where those games were played back in the day?  

Well, once upon a time, Hayward Field was the venue!  We have documentation from the final Oregon football game - Washington State at Oregon - the 5th of November 1966!

Cover from the University of Oregon Football Game Program
Washington State at Oregon
5 November 1966

Flash-forward to the 2009 football season.  Thus far in my informal poll, I have yet to find a single person who will admit to giving-up and turning off the Oregon / Arizona game when late in the 4th quarter it appeared that Oregon might lose!  Hmmm ... no fair weather Duck Fans!  That is most remarkable!

For an eight minute video recap of the incredible game just click here.

"The Register Guard" has an article that recaps the final drive in regulation time, and the "Oregon Daily Emerald" has an article titled "Holy Masoli".  Enjoy!

Remember the Oregon / Oregon State game will be on ESPN, Thursday December 3rd 6:00pm West Coast time.  


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oregon Football Update

University of Oregon Student "Super Fans" 

Barbara (aka Auntie Dearest) and dUckbOy

Okay, I know we don't want to talk about the Oregon / Stanford football game, but...I think it is worth mentioning, if only because Barbara had her picture taken with one of the more famous U of O "super fans" - dUckbOy!
The "Oregon Daily Emerald" recently published an article about several of these unique individuals...the link is below:

Oregon / ASU Game Ticket                               Oregon / ASU Spirit Button 

Last night's game began in the cold and dark at 7:20pm and finished about 11:00pm - with a win!  Cannot complain as no wind or rain, so with a stadium blanket and lots of layers of clothing we stayed reasonably warm.  

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Craft Room @ Clos du Bois

Amy designed a desk and work area for Lexa and bookcases for both of us to finish off the Craft Room.
Above is Lexa's desk - lots of small drawers on the right side to store her stamping paraphernalia and crafting papers. 

Here are the unfinished bookcases.

I've got my bookcases all filled up - books, scrapbooks, and photo albums!

The new bookcases have met with Solomon's approval.  He feels it is his duty to be "up high" whenever and where ever possible!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Eddie!!!

Happy Birthday to You!

Sacred Heart Hospital Visitation Card - Front

Sacred Heart Visitation Card - Reverse

Eddie - 1962

Eddie - First Haircut

Easter 1964

Eddie and Beth
Bridal Show - The Bon Marche
May 1966

Beth and Eddie 1980

Eddie and Cathy - 1986

Cathy, Eddie, Will, and Matt - June 2004

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Girl Scout Connection

The Girl Scout Pledge

In going through the ephemera Margaret Upton Waning saved, the long and happy connection between the Waning family and Scouting is readily apparent! 
Somewhere earlier today I ran across Gram's certification as a Brownie Scout Leader in the mid-1950's.  Both she and Gramps gave hours and hours of time to the Three Rivers Council, their local Eugene Girl Scout troop, and to Camp Cleawox. 
Below are some of the Register Guard newspaper articles which outline the Waning Family's connection to the Girl Scouts.  

Liz Scott and Sandie Waning - 1960

Margaret Waning at Camp Cleawox - 1960

George and Gayle Shoup
Jim and Connie Waning - 1961

Jim Waning - Recognition of Service - 1961

James and Margaret Waning - Recognition of Service - 1965

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Sports-Filled Weekend

This past weekend seemed to me to be the perfect "Waning Weekend".
It included lots of sports, eating out, and a church service - the "Big Three" in Grandmother's book!

Chuck, Barb, Lex and I began Friday night with dinner at McMenamin's on 19th and Agate - yumm!  We then walked up to Mac Court and took in an extremely exciting volleyball match which Oregon won 3 games to 1.  

Oregon Volleyball Ticket

Saturday naturally, was all about the Oregon / USC football game.  I had hoped to have a photo of Lex and me to post, but the gal who took it has never emailed it - bummer.  Anyway, WHAT A GAME!  We had pretty good weather - a few sprinkles at half-time - otherwise a balmy night.  The atmosphere was electric and LOUD.  We all had a blast.  Below is the spirit button I wore and some confetti from a couple of the touchdowns.  Who'da thought Oregon would dominate in such a fashion!  

Oregon / USC Football Spirit Button                                

Confetti from the Oregon / USC Football Game

U of O Home Game Football Ticket

As Kristi noted in her post, besides Halloween, this weekend also commemorated All Saints' Day.  Barb and I attended services Sunday at Central Presbyterian Church.  As you can see from the program below, our Grandfather, James Waning was memorialized during the service with the a white rose, the tolling of a bell and the lighting of a candle.  Very moving. 

Central Presbyterian Church Service

The last event of the eventful weekend was first men's basketball game of the 2009/10 season.  This was an exhibition game, so low-key and very light attendance.  Our new recruit from Racine, WI looks awesome! 

U of O Men's Basketball Ticket

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Happy Day Kevin

Wishing you the Happiest of Days today Kevin! 

Jack and Kevin 1964

Jacki, Sandie, and Kevin - October 1964 

Kevin October 1964

Stacie, Sandie, Mike, and Kevin - Summer 1968 

Stacie, Kevin, Jack, Mike, Jenny, and Sandie
Thanksgiving 1970

Kevin and James Waning - March 1989

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Michigan Halloween

Happy All Saints Day!
There have been a few requests, so here are a couple of pictures from Halloween.  It was dry, but very cold and windy.  Mikaila had been borderline sickly, so we didn't stay out long.  Two of the pumpkins didn't stay lit either.  Kierstyn handed out candy for me.